Lucy Mwinamo, Founder of  Gift Smartly &  Host of  Gift Smartly Podcast

Lucy Mwinamo, Founder of Gift Smartly & Host of Gift Smartly Podcast

Lucy Mwinamo

Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Gift Smartly, Inc., an online community that encourages gift-giving with purpose and intention.

Born and raised in Kenya, Lucy moved to the United States at 18 for university. She holds bachelors and master’s degrees in Information Systems Management and has been involved in all aspects of management for more than 15 years.

Lucy credits her success in life not only to her hard-working parents, but also to her siblings, grandparents, cousins, friends, and a host of teachers, professors, and mentors—the broader community at large.  Lucy has witnessed and experienced first-hand how community involvement can go a long way toward improving individuals’ lives, and even saving them.  This is what motivated Lucy to start Gift Smartly with the simple mission to encourage gifting smartly and enhancing lives one smart birthday gift at a time.

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